Why We Do It

Two blocks from YBR

Children who grow up surrounded by conflict often turn to violence as the only means of garnering attention and status. Without the tools to navigate through their teenage years, they lack the ability to make the right choices. The most basic of those tools is education.

YBR’s dual goals for our students are to realize potential and assume responsibility. We are committed to providing them with a positive alternative to the often negative narrative - as well as the current reality - of their environment. In addition, by employing camp residents as teachers and a social worker, YBR endows our staff with a livelihood and the dignity of employment.

YBR children at desk


Squalor on the streets and inattention in the schools means most children have no vision for a positive future. Without a program like YBR, which offers children a view of the wider world and the possibility that they can succeed in it, disaster inevitably results. They, and we, can do better.

BUT WITH YBR, our children learn that they have, just like all their peers, the possibility for a bright, productive future. And they are really enjoying their path towards that future.